Breathing Life Into Your Website Live Chat

Businesses are expected to offer more online everyday. The moment you get your head around websites, you need to develop responsive designs. As soon as you’re established on social media, everyone has live chats on their sites. Even when you manage to get a chat feature yourself, everyone else’s seem better. Their sales certainly suggest they’re achieving something you aren’t.

Lucky for you, live chats are what we’re going to look at. There are often simple reasons behind failure here. The downside is that even simple issues can leave customers turning away for good. But, the sooner you address them, the sooner you can use this to manage your clients smoothly and speedily. Without further ado, then, let us consider the main reasons live chats tend to miss the mark.

Crashing computers

Unreliable servers and connections are always bad in business. And, your live chat operations are no different. If your computers crash or your internet breaks, you could miss hundreds of live chat messages. In the worst case scenario, your chat windows will still list you as online to customers. As such, a lack of response will come across as rude, and that customer won’t come back. Your best bet here is to turn to companies like Capstone Information Technologies who offer managed services which include constant monitoring. This reduces the risks of a crash no end. Such services also include fast repairs if any problems do occur. As such, this would ensure that you're never down for long if the worst does happen. All the better for your live chat.

Unknowledgeable staff

If you put staff out on a shop floor, you’d make sure they knew as much as possible about your products. All the better for ensuring they can both sell and answer queries. The same should stand in your online store. It won’t help you if your team are unable to answer questions customers bring to them. Online interactions do have the benefit of leaving staff free to speak with other people in the office before responding. But, taking too long here is never a good idea. Instead, then, limit response times by ensuring staff are as knowledgeable as possible about your products and operations.

The wrong working hours

There are 24 hours chats on some websites, but it may not be in your best interests to do the same. That said, it’s also not in your best interests to limit live chat hours to, say, 9-5. You’ll likely find that your busiest times come once everyone gets out of work. Guess when that is? After five, of course. As such, a live chat which stays open until seven or eight is sure to see more success. You can bet you’ll annoy people if your chat is always offline when they need it. Longer hours do mean employing someone for the purpose, but you could see improved sales as a result. Give it a go. The chances are that those wages will be more than worthwhile.