Your Child May Be Sick, But Is Your Company At Risk Of Catching The Bug?

Being both a mother and a business owner is tough. Sometimes, it even seems impossible. The moment you have a big business meeting, your kids will need their gym kit washing, or help with their homework. Often, you feel as though you’re facing the choice between your two leading loves.

By some miracle, though, you seem to balance the two pretty well during the average week. That is until disaster strikes and leaves you falling from the tightrope. Say, for instance, you get a call in the middle of the day saying Peter’s sick and you need to pick him up. The trouble is that you have a mountain of work and no childcare on hand. Let the meltdown ensue.

Or not. The fact is that you know phone calls like these are possible. Hence, you should have a plan to ensure your work doesn’t suffer from them. Read on to find out what such a plan should include.

Have a second in charge

When you start your own business, there’s a temptation to hold the top seat alone. You have employees; then you have you. All the better for keeping things fair and manageable. The problem being that your office needs you to function. This is terrible news for time off and, of course, sick calls from school. Your best bet, then, is to promote someone you trust to the role of supervisor. That way, you know there’s someone to take the helm when you aren’t around. This alone is enough to ensure your office continues to run smoothly whether you’re there or not. And, that could well take the panic out of those sick calls.

Make use of tech

Even if you need to stay home with unwell children, technology has got your back if you know how to use it. By operating on systems like Office 365, you’ll be able to continue your work with ease from your home office. Transferring to systems like these doesn’t need to be complex, either. Managed IT services like those offered by Intelligis include Office 365 migration and maintenance. By hooking yourself up to options like Google chats, you’ll even be able to talk with your team the way you would in the office. Sickness never needs to set you back again.

Be flexible with your hours

It’s also worth considering how you could become flexible with your hours here. Sticking to the 9-5 of your office may not be practical. With kids to care for, you may need to give yourself the morning off and work later once your partner’s home. That’s fine, as long as you prepare for it. If you accept this instead of wasting time looking for childcare, your work needn’t suffer. All you would need to do is plan your tasks ahead of time. That way you'll be able to complete office collaborations early, and then deal with things like admin once everyone goes home. Isn’t flexibility like this what being a boss is all about?