3 Subtle Signs You're Being Mistreated at Work

Image via  Pexels

Image via Pexels

We work for multiple reasons; to get money, to have a sense of fulfillment in our life, and to put years of training and education into practice. No matter where you work - or who you work for - you deserve to be treated fairly and adequately looked after. Understandably, there are instances where it’s painfully obvious that your boss is mistreating you. As such, it’s easy for you to stand up for yourself, and quit. However, there are loads of people out there that carry on doing the same job without even realizing they’re being mistreated. So, here are a few signs that your treatment at work is below par:

You’re constantly working overtime

It’s normal for someone to demand that their workers stay for an extra hour or so now and then. Overtime is part and parcel of working life, but there are a few things to watch out for. If your boss is constantly sticking you in overtime - but you’re not getting additional pay to cover this - then you’re being mistreated. Speak to an employment attorney to learn about overtime laws and see if you’re in this boat. There are also a certain number of hours you’re allowed to work for above your contracted ones as well. If they exceed this, and still aren’t making it up to you with additional overtime pay, then that’s not fair.

You don’t get long enough breaks

Regardless of where you work, you’re entitled to regular breaks throughout the day. It depends on how long you work for, but a typical 9-5 shift means you should have at least one half-hour long break, which is usually for lunch. Realistically, a good employer will also give you one or two ten/five-minute breaks as well. If you work a full day and are given less than half an hour’s break in total, then you’re not being treated fairly at all. Employees need rest, or they’ll just burn out. Many employers sneakily cut down on break time just so they can save money.

You don’t get any benefits

It surprises me how many people are unaware that they’re entitled to various employment benefits. At the basic end of the scale, you deserve to have a set amount of paid vacation leave for every year, along with some sick pay days as well. Then, you could have added things like health insurance, discounts, etc. If you’re a contracted employee that works full time, and you don’t get any employment benefits  at all, then you’re mistreated. Especially if you don’t get paid when you go on holiday or take a day off sick. Lots of employers are trying to sneakily reduce holiday/sick pay to save money, so make sure you get what you deserve!

I urge all people reading this to look at their job and see if any of these signs are staring you in the face. If they are, then it shows something isn’t quite right. Don’t waste vital months/years of your career by working in an environment where you aren’t treated right. Consider a career change,  or speak up about it and see if things improve.