Relocation Administration: Limiting "Office" Downtime

Imge: Pexels

Imge: Pexels

You’re a self-employed, work-at-home mom, which among things, means you’re flexible. The office isn’t one spot – it’s five or six of them within a ten-minute walk. One day you’re in the bedroom firing off emails and the next you’re in Starbucks ordering minimal coffees and using up the free wifi. And, why not? It’s one of the perks of being a freelancer.

What isn’t a perk is the relocation admin you do on a daily basis. Regularly moving offices results in downtime, and that’s money wasted. What you want to do is be as efficient as possible, and here are the best ways to do it with flexible premises.

Decide The Night Before

As a free spirit, the mood will take you to places where you want to go. Although it’s freeing, it’s time-consuming because you have to pack up and leave at a moment’s notice. By the time you’ve set up again, a whole hour could have passed. For productive people, that’s around two or three small to medium-sized tasks. There is nothing wrong with working in the park, but make a decision the night before. That way, you can get up early and make your way there without running down the clock.

Scope It Out

There’s nothing worse than turning up at an establishment to realize it doesn’t have the right equipment. Some people stay for a while because they hate the idea of walking in and out without buying anything. You can avoid this awkward situation by visiting the place beforehand and checking if it has all of the gear. All you need is a charging point and an internet connection and you’re good to go. Oh, and some tasty bar snacks and a steady flow of coffee never go amiss. Your career is reason enough to “test” its suitability on a Sunday afternoon!

Get Help

You want to head down to the local coffee shop but have too much kit. Some bosses would say you haven’t seen anything, but they can rely on IT consulting and support for businesses  to help. Although it might be overkill for you, the idea of asking for assistance isn’t a bad one. As the sayings go, “two hands are better than one” and “many hands make light work.” Setting up like this is straightforward because you’re less likely to leave equipment behind and waste time searching for it. So, if there’s anyone home, see if they’ll lend a hand.

Avoid Busy Places

An atmosphere is nice – you’re not on the moon – but there’s a fine art to finding the right one. Like Goldilocks, you don’t want it too hot or cold; you need it just right. This means it’s best to avoid the busy places where people like to go during lunch hours or for drinks after work. The odds are the noise will cause you to slack off a little and soak in the atmosphere too much. Regarding public offices for the self-employed, quieter is superior.

Do you struggle to stay motivated in the office? How do you cope?