Planning to Relocate Your Office? 6 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving offices is a love-hate situation. On the one hand, it is an exciting process, offering promising opportunities to expand and progress. However, there’s no denying that it is also a complex and overwhelming task, making your job as a business owner that much more stressful. Rather than focus on the negatives, you should get yourself organized and create a moving experience that is more pleasant for everyone involved. Here are six ways to relocate your office stress-free.

Start to plan early

Leaving things to the last minute almost always ends in mistakes, and, unfortunately, office moves are no exception to this rule. With a task as large and complicated as this one, you need to give yourself months to get prepared. Start by writing a list of jobs that need completing and go from there. Be sure you also set a timeline and budget for your team to follow.

Let your team know

The decision to move offices may have been made by you and your most senior staff members, but it affects everyone coming into contact with your business, especially your other employees. Because of this, you should let your team know about your plans as soon as they’re set in stone. After all, whether they can move offices with you or not, they’ll have their own plans to make.

Set the right date

Relocating is always going to cause at least a little disruption to your business, but the day you choose to will have a major effect on how much it will do so. It’s crucial that you avoid your peak trading days or hours, as this could affect how much money you make during that time. Instead, go for times that trade is usually quite low and you don’t bring in much profit.

Put someone in charge

Although most of your team will be involved in the move one way or another, it’s important that you assign someone to oversee the whole process and keep things running smoothly. With the amount of work you surely already have, you won’t have time for such a large responsibility yourself. For this reason, you should delegate the task to a trusted employee or project manager.

Work with the experts

There is a lot that you and your team can do throughout the moving process, but the move itself should be left to the experts. When you have a commercial mover on board, there’s a much smaller chance that something will get broken or you’ll go over schedule. Plus, even if there is damage, a professional company will have insurance so that you won’t lose money along the way.

Clear out unnecessary clutter

Moving into a new office is difficult at the best of times, but it will be made so much harder if you bring along a load of clutter you no longer want or need. Rather than paying to transport junk to your lovely new location, you should spend a few days decluttering your office, throwing away useless documents, broken equipment, old furniture, and more.

Relocating your company will always come with its challenges, but, by following the advice above, you should be able to keep stress levels low.