Why Your Busy Company Website Isn’t Generating Customers

Getting a steady stream of traffic to your company website can seem like an achievement at first, but what’s the use if none of these visitors are converting into customers? Here are just a few reasons as to why your website may be getting the hits but not getting the leads.

Inappropriate SEO

It’s possible that you’ve got good rankings on search engines - but for the totally wrong type of keywords! As a result, you could be getting an influx of customers that are looking for the wrong kind of product. Start using analytics to find out what kind of keywords are leading to your site. If they’re totally unrelated to your product, you may want to invest in an SEO company to refocus the right keywords to your site.

Slow loading speed

People may be visiting your website, but a slow loading speed could be causing them to leave soon after. A high bounce rate is a good indicator of this – something that certain analytic tools may be able to tell you. You can also check for slow loading time by visiting the website yourself and seeing how long it takes to fully load. Speeding up loading time isn’t easy as there can be multiple causes. Switching from a shared server to a dedicated server is one way to speed up loading time – you can find information related to dedicated servers online. It could also be that you’re embedding too much multimedia (i.e. gifs or videos) or using images with huge file sizes.

Poor readability

You can’t expect to gain customers if your visitors can’t read your website. Wild fonts, clashing colours schemes and tiny sizing can all make text unreadable – make sure that your website is committing any of these crimes. It’s also worth considering the language you’re using – overly technical lingo could be putting off visitors that may not understand what you’re talking about.

Poor navigation

How easy is it for visitors to find their way around your site? Is important information such as contact details or your company services easy to find? It’s possible that poor navigation could be to blame for your lack of leads. You can amend this by redesigning the layout of your website. Using search buttons and toolbars can help to make information easier to find. Make sure that the most important information is accessible on your homepage.

No credibility

A company website is a place for you to brag about your achievements. This helps visitors to choose you over your competitors by proving that you’re credible. Make sure that you’ve created a section for testimonials and provide information for any licenses or awards that you may obtained. This will gain the trust of potential customers visiting your site.