How to Attract New Clients to Your Business

It can be tough to secure new clients to your business. Why?

  • They might not know you exist. If they can't find you, how will you attract them to your side in the first place?

  • You are one business out of many. Why should somebody use your business over another? What do you have to offer them?

When trying to attract new clients then, you need to consider both aspects.

Ensure people know who you are

As a business, you have something to offer potential clients. But if they don't know much about you, or if they haven't heard about you at all, then you have to do all you can to ensure they get to hear about you.

  • The first thing you need to do is work out who your ideal client is. Who is more likely to want to use your business? When you know who you need to target, you can then reach out to them with your marketing campaign. Be it through digital or more traditional marketing methods, focus your efforts on reaching your chosen demographic, targeting those places where you are bound to attract the right clients, such as niche websites and industry events.

  • While you can reach out to clients with your marketing, remember that you also need to be searchable. Chances are, there is somebody out there right now looking to use a business like yours. Can they find you online? Are you listed in business directories, on and offline? You need to ensure your business website is visible when people search for services like yours on Google. There is some excellent advice here on how to do this. And you need to list your business in your local classifieds and online, using the free services listed here, as examples.

  • Another excellent way to reach new clients is to ask your current clients for referrals. Ask them to provide you with details of people they know who might be interested in your services, and/or ask them to pass word about you to others, perhaps with an incentive, such as a discount for the client who successfully refers a paying client to you. In business, word of mouth is everything, and it won't cost you a dime in marketing costs.

Be the better business

As we suggested, you aren't alone in business. Assuming what you have to offer isn't completely unique, you need to position yourself above your nearest competitors. In theory, potential clients will then favor you over your rivals.

  • You need to go toe-to-toe with bigger businesses than yours, which isn't easy, especially when you have limited resources at your disposal. However, modern technology can help you, as even though your business might be small, you can still use the latest tech to appear bigger and more professional than you actually are. As examples, you might want to get your head in the cloud, literally, increasing the reliability and availability of your IT services with VMware failover, which offers benefits for both you and potential clients, and you might want to consider using CRM systems to help you manage and improve your client relationships.

  • What can you offer your clients that other businesses can't? Can you price your product or service at a competitive level? Can you offer incentives, such as regular discounts, or regular support to clients who use your service? When it comes to customer service, can you be more approachable than your rivals, perhaps with the personal touch that bigger businesses sometimes lack? When you give yourself the competitive edge, you will be able to attract more clients to your business.


To attract new clients, you need to ensure you they can find you in the first place, and you need to offer a competitive edge. We have offered you some suggestions in this article, but let us know what you think. And let us know how you have attracted clients to your business, for the benefit of any of us trying to grow our businesses.

Thanks for reading.