How to Find Your Ideal Career

Finding the perfect career is not as easy as it sounds. This is because what is perfect for one person will not be for the next. A millionaire’s lifestyle is not what everyone seeks, and although some of them are richer than we could ever imagine, often when interviewed they will tell the interviewer they have the same problems in life as everyone else. They still get sick, they still have failed relationships and they still get fed up at work sometimes. The only difference is a healthy bank balance.

Then there are people at the other end of the scale who barely make enough money to survive but love what they do. For these people, they are usually working with a passion they have and that makes the job or small business they run worthwhile.

Be Honest With Yourself

Before you can start to look for the perfect career there are a few questions you need to ask yourself, and they need honest answers if you are to make the right choice. Start by asking yourself if you want to work indoors or outdoors. This may not seem relevant but it can make a huge difference to your options. For instance, some outdoors people like to drive and would look at websites like CRST who have driving jobs all over the US. Other outdoor types would like to work in gardens or parks, and some would consider working in a safari park if they love animals as well as being outdoors.

Indoors jobs will be office, factory, warehouse or store based unless of course, you want to enter the teaching or medical profession.

The next question to ask is what would you do in life if money were not needed? Apart from partying day and night, you might find that this question gives you an answer that leads you to the perfect career. Many hobbies and interests can be turned into jobs or small businesses, and that is how one of the richest men around started. Richard Branson loved music and started his empire by opening a music store


Once you have maybe a couple of ideas, you need to do a lot of research. Find out what the career actually involves. Do you need qualifications or not, or is experience more important? There are resources online that detail job descriptions and these can be very useful to give you an insight into the actual work.

Your research will also show you if there are opportunities in the line you have chosen and what sort of salary you can expect to earn.

Look Back At Past Jobs

Look back at jobs you have done in the past and make a list of things you liked and things you didn’t like about the work. Even include part-time job you perhaps did while you were in high school, as everything you have already done is relevant.

Also, list any skills you learned while in these jobs and you may be surprised by how many things there are that you know something about. You will find that this information, together with your research will help you to find your ideal career.