Non- Digital Marketing Methods That Actually Work

We live in a very technological age, and as a business owner it can leave you feeling like you should be throwing all of your budget into digital marketing methods. But while there’s no denying how effective they are, you do have other options too. These work well alongside your digital methods, and for certain kinds of businesses they can actually be your primary form of advertisement. Here are some ideas for going about it.

Host an event

People are likely to attend your event if there’s something in it for them. Instead of seeing it as a purely promotional event, run it like a family fun day and then use the opportunity of having lots of people in one place to talk about your business. You could hire some performers and serve up some delicious food- invite food vendors down to sell there fare, or if it’s in your budget provide some yourself. Have a bouncy castle and face painting for kids, run some games and competitions. Set up areas where you can give away samples of your own products or showcase them and tell people more about them. Hand out business cards and flyers, and take down email addresses. If you set up a photo booth area, take pictures and share them on social media, encouraging people to follow you.

Attend an expo

Trade shows can bring together hundreds, even thousands of businesses and decision makers who are looking to work with these kinds of companies. Sign up for a trade show in your niche, look at interesting trade show displays and fun ways to present your business so that you can catch people’s attention. Since these are large events, those attending won’t be able to go to every stall. They tend to base their choices on what look the most interesting, so bear this in mind when you’re prepping to attend. You could give away merch to those that show interest- pens, keyrings, hats and tshirts with your company name and information, to remind them of you once they’re back home. Take down details and potential client emails too so you’re able to follow up after the event.

Get on the radio

Radio jingles can be incredibly catchy, and are likely to be heard by a wide range of people. Those listening to music at work, or in the car on their commute. Older people, younger people- you’re more than likely going to be heard by people interested in what you do. Come up with a jingle and an interesting radio ad. It’s a way to get your business name into people’s heads without them even really realising. And from there it creates familiarity and therefore trust. Next time they’re in need of a business like yours, it will be yours that springs to mind without them even knowing why.

What non-digital methods do you use to promote your business?