Simple Streamlining

When you run your own business it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day processes of creating invoices, providing products or services and managing your turn over. What’s not so easy is keeping the whole thing streamlined and running at maximum efficiency.

We bring you a guide on how to make a few simple changes that will bring about a more efficient working environment, from file management to keeping that staff kitchen space clean. Here are our top tips for better business:

First take a look at the ambience of your workspace, by that we mean areas such as lighting. Are you or your team working under harsh, unnatural lighting? Consider making a change. Studies show time and time again the importance of access to good natural light and the effect that has on the pace and quality of work being produced. Think too about the overall comfort of your office. This might include replacing worn down furniture and investing in some chairs that adequately support backs and legs of anyone spending the 9 to 5 in your care.

For more business-oriented efficiency, take a look at how your storage and filing is set out. For most of us, electronic or Cloud storage has taken the place of rows and rows of cabinets but if you’re someone who needs to have paper copies of your transactions consider outsourcing to a business self storage facility.

Create more space in your office environment to give colleagues more elbow room or to install that printer you’ve been promising for months.

To get the most out of your employees consider how you can become a more flexible employer. If you work for yourself check that you’re making the most of a more flexible schedule.

Allowing your team to work from home can bring about real benefits, not just because you might be making their lives easier in terms of their personal arrangements, but also with the less tangible assets of creating increased staff loyalty and a greater commitment to your business.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur how are you maximizing your time? Are you squeezing every last hour of work out of the day or allowing yourself time to take a breath and think about your physical and mental well being?

Finally listen. Listen to what your team needs to run more efficiently and produce more. Do you need to upgrade your software, clean the kitchen more, switch to laptops over desktops? Take the time to talk through and figure out how to streamline your business from your team’s perspective and you’ll be able to bring out effective change, rather than change for the sake of it.

However you do business there are always ways of working smarter rather than simply working harder. Take a few hours to carry out an honest appraisal of your working environment alongside your working practices and see if there are some quick wins you can make today towards greater efficiency. The commit yourself towards making longer-term changes and watch your business soar.