Are You Ready for That Team You Want to Hire?

The pace of the business is picking up, and you’ve decided that now is the right time to stop doing everything yourself. You need a team, but are you really ready for one? Here, we’re going to look at what it really takes to ensure both you and your business are ready to make room for others, and some tips to help you get the best start with your new colleagues.

Who and what you need

A bloated, inefficient team can serve as more of a millstone than anything else. Before you hire, you need to seriously and objectively consider what responsibilities you need others to handle, and how many roles you truly need to create. Working out your needs for your team can help you ensure you’re not hiring someone who doesn’t truly have enough work to fill up a full-time position. Deciding on the structure, such as who they report to and work alongside and thus where they should be positioned, can help you avoid issues of miscommunication and poor organization, too.

Keeping track

Whose responsibility is it that the business meets its goals? Accountability of the team is important, but you’re the one who bears the final responsibility. Thus, you have to be ready to spend time ensuring people are getting the work done and that they’re helping you proceed to those goals. Project management software can help you stay on top of everyone’s progress, as well as providing better platforms for team members to communicate and share resources with one another.

The admin that comes with it

With a new team comes a whole host of new responsibilities. You need to make sure HR needs such as records and vacation days are tracked, the payroll is streamlined and reliable, and that they have the spaces they need to address interpersonal issues and complaints. HR services may be essential for helping you take care of those new responsibilities while getting used to them. Similarly, a health and safety audit of the workplace can ensure that you’re aware of the potential risks that you could be liable for, and to either make the changes necessary or develop the policy that helps them stay safe.

Your leadership

You have to be ready for the team on a personal level, as well. Practicing your ability to communicate, to direct them, and to problem-solve on an individual level can help you be the backbone that the team needs. With leadership comes a need for manager credibility, as well. While you want a good relationship with them, it’s important to set out the standards in how you treat them and manage different challenges brought up by the team. If that credibility is undermined by a proclivity to play favorites or difficulty accepting responsibility, it can sap you of authority and the respect of your team.

Running a business is one thing, but running a team is something entirely different. The new dimensions of company culture, collaboration, and added responsibilities can catch a lot of business owners off-guard. Hopefully, the tips above ensure you’re amongst the list of those who got overwhelmed by that new leadership.