Shout Out About Your Business Location

Location, location, location

When you decide to embark on an entrepreneurship adventure, the choice of your location is paramount to the success of your small business. Indeed, where global companies can rely on multiple locations through chains and franchise ventures; when you’re small, you need to be smart about picking the best placement for your budget and your target audience.

However, at an age where the majority of customers tend to order online, small and independent shops can struggle to get noticed in their communities. As a business owner, your energy is focused on designing an effective and structured strategy plan. Location, at that point, becomes a secondary thought. But you can, nevertheless, dedicate some effort and budget to promote your shop address to future customers. Local marketing needs to be part of your strategy; and here’s how to make the most of it without breaking the ban

Be visible in your street

The rule Number One of opening an independent business is to make sure that people traveling in your street can find you. Small companies especially tend to keep their cost low when it comes to maximizing visibility. However, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. You need to focus on signage – branded awnings are a fantastic idea for restaurants, coffee shops and anything that makes use of outdoors seatings – and curb appeal. Using vibrant colors in your shop windows and on your door can attract the attention of the passersby population. It’s also a good idea to bring additional signage for the location that can appear hidden at first, such as a shop that is only accessible through a courtyard and that might not be visible from the street. Similarly, you want to add your logo to the doorbell – for businesses that require pre-authorized access – and add it to local ‘where are you?’ maps in busy cities

Help online users to notice you

Just because you’ve got a physical address doesn’t mean you can’t use your online presence to appeal to local customers. Indeed, Google AdWords can help your business to get noticed from users within your selected radius. You can make sure your ad appears for everyone within a specific distance of your shop. Additionally, using Google Maps, you can also help potential customers to navigate their way to your business. In terms of budget, putting your business on Google Maps is entirely free. You need to inform Google about your business, and you will be sent a verification code per postcode to your business address, which you’ll need to use to confirm the address.

Create dedicated offers for your community

Last, but not least, you can open your shop with a bang by offering a special discount to your local community. Indeed, at a small cost, you can produce marketing flyers for the countdown to your opening day. The leaflets can be used in a variety of ways, from a promotional discount to first-time customers to inviting everyone to come for a freebie on your first day. Ultimately, the key is to create a buzz so that people want to discover your business.

In conclusion, small businesses need to pay double attention to their location. Firstly, because you want to be where your audience is. Secondly, because local-based promotion will drive your sales!