4 Essential Steps to Make an Office Move Seamless

All SMEs face an uphill battle to maximize productivity. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or how many people you employ, your productivity is intrinsically tied to your cash flow. Of course, there are many different factors that determine your organization’s productivity. The people you employ, the tools they use, how long they spend on tasks, when they go on their lunch break and even the ambient temperature can all play a part in determining your workplace’s productivity. Even the layout of your office can make a huge difference. If, however, you decide to move your operation to a new office that’s more conducive to peak productivity, it’s vital that you take steps to make your move go smoothly Before you arrange your van hire and start changing the address on your stationery, take a look these essential steps for a seamless move…

Establish your timeline

In a lot of ways, an office move is like the last day of the school year. Employees will start to wind down as it draws near. For this reason, it’s important to establish a timeline for the move and have fixed objectives in place that coincide with key dates on your timeline. This will not only make the move easier to manage, it will help to prevent a productivity slump in the runup to the big move.

Know how you will use the space

Ideally you will be able to insert your business seamlessly into your new space so that you can resume normal operations as soon as you’re able. However, if you have a “moving in” period in which you experiment with different kinds of office layouts before you resume operations this can leach into your productivity and delay your ability to start making money again.

As such, it’s incumbent upon you to design your office space in advance using available floor plans and other data the realtor may make available to you. Here are some tips on office design for peak productivity and employee satisfaction.

Make sure everyone who matters knows where and when you’re moving

It can be a huge blow to your business if a key client sends written correspondence to the wrong address. Or a vendor sends a batch of inventory to your old workplace. Make sure that all the people who matter or whom it would concern know exactly when and to where you’re moving. Don’t be afraid to work in a countdown to your move to your social media profiles or your content marketing efforts. It will help to build a sense of anticipation among your customer / client base while also ensuring that everyone knows where you’ll be.

Give your employees tasks and responsibilities

Finally, even if you’ll be using professional movers to help you on the big day, it’s a good idea to give each employee in your team unique responsibilities and tasks to give them a sense of accountability for the part they play in your move. Not only will this keep them motivated and productive throughout the move, it will help them to feel like a vital and valued part of it.