Can You Prepare for the Unexpected With Your Business? Yes!

You might have heard of business disasters. These are issues that could cripple your company on the market and push your business into a downward spiral. It could be anything from trouble with the weather to problems with reviews or even a potential scandal. These types of situations are often seen as being unexpected. It’s true, no one expects a natural disaster that could damage business prospects. But does that mean you can’t prepare for them? The reality is that you can and you should. Do this and you might just avoid a disaster taking down your company. Let’s look at some of the ways to approach this the right way.

Use Analytics

You might need to prepare for an unexpected disaster online. We’re going to look at two scenarios here that could hurt your business and how planning can end them. First, make sure that you think about reviews. Bad reviews can spread like wildfire online to the point where they do start to hurt your business bottom line. Remember, customers are more likely to trust the word of customers rather than direct promotion from your company. The problem here is that you can’t handle a bad review if you don’t know it exists. That’s where analytic services come in. Using the latest tools and software they can track mentions of your business online, weeding out bad reviews so they can be dealt with.

Alternatively, it’s possible that a lot of people are leaving your site without making a purchase. This could mean a high bounce rate where they’re staying on for a couple minutes before clicking off. A high bounce rate does need to be fixed. By keeping track of your bounce rate you can tackle the issue before it starts to drop more severely.

Power Trouble

You can’t predict exactly when the power could be knocked out in your business due to a storm. What you can do is charter the typical times that storms hit in your area and work from there. This means that you should be able know when your business is most at risk of a problem like this so that you already have a solution in place. What is that solution? Well, it could just be a number you can use for a heater rental solution to keep the lights on and the office warm when the power gets knocked out. Or, it could be an investment in a backup generator. By looking at past history you’ll know when these types of measures are going to be necessary in your company.


Finally, you should keep a check on potential scandals that may be developing in your business. A scandal will hurt profits with customers unwilling to support your company anymore. Instead, they will turn away from you and towards the competition. HR can usually help here. You can use HR as a temperature tester, watching out for any issues before they arise. This could be anything from harassment to bullying, both of which can be a plague in the office environment.