Bringing the Meeting to Your Business Schedule

Imagine you’re in the middle of creating a new product and you need to have all of your teams far and wide to gather research. These teams will be made up of marketing experts, as well as research and development employees. They will be talking to consumers and taking surveys for you to collect as much public opinion as possible. You’ll also need sales teams to go out and meet potential buyers in the business world who might want to utilize or distribute this product. You have so many teams all over the place, yet you need to find out what’s going on and have a meeting with all those involved. It's not wise to call back all of these employees that are out in the field. It wastes time and money and stops a free flow of work, whereby ideas might get lost in the mist and vital information isn’t properly conveyed. So how can you bring people together and conduct a meeting quickly and allow all of your teams to stay focussed where they are?

Just hanging out

Use free software that is available to everyone for your business. A lot of software is available in the professional realm, but this can often be for businesses that are able to pay the large fees for the subscriptions. To save money you can use free tools like Google Hangouts where you can create different networks and groups. Each person can type or use a mic to talk and communicate whatever they need to. You’re also able to send files to each other using these kinds of ‘hangout’ tools. You can also utilize tools like Dropbox to share a file with the masses of your employees by sharing whatever the link is with them.

Face to face but not really

There’s nothing that can really substitute a face to face meeting with all your staff that are involved in the big decision making. But, what can you do when all your key members are out around the city, country or world? Video conferencing has evolved to a very high standard these days which you can learn about if you click here. A company that offers advanced managed IT services can allow you to use a conferencing service that is based on a cloud system. This means that you don’t need to download any software, but merely access the service via the provider. Cloud systems also have encrypted servers which not only protect the meeting you’re having so vital information is not leaked out to your rivals or the media, but you can share and store files too. The video can either be captured from a webcam that can be bought as a standalone product, a webcam that is in your tablet or laptop and a front facing camera on your smartphone.

Bringing the important meetings to you rather than conducting them in your office is something every modern small business should have the ability to execute. No matter where your employees are, those that are involved in the high level decisions should have access to software and or services that allow everyone to have a meeting on the go.