Why It's Important To Niche Down In Business

When it comes to starting a new business, most people are so excited and enthusiastic - plus, also pretty desperate to start getting clients so that they can prove to themselves and others that this will take off, that they literally will work with anyone.

Now, of course, having new people coming to you and willing to pay you for your products or services is a great feeling - especially as a new business owner just starting out, and although it’s not easy to turn down income at first, one of the best ways to grow your business long term and to work with the best kinds of clients is to make sure you’re completely focused on being recognized as a leader and expert in the specific area or industry your business is in.

Let’s say you’re a copywriter, for example - copywriting is a highly in demand  skill, and although many people like to call themselves copywriters in this day and age, a good portion of them are not really the best at it.

That’s quite bad news, because nowadays anyone can set up a website, call themselves a copywriter and start getting clients so this means there’s more options for your potential client to choose from, and therefore, more competition.

However, it’s also good news for those who are genuinel  talented at writing copy and are able to get real results for clients because this means that if they’re able to position themselves effectively and stand out to show why they’re different, then as long as this client isn’t simply shopping on price and actually wants to hire a true professional and expert then they’re going to go with that person who’s positioned themselves effectively.

So, how do you go about positioning yourself in front of high-value clients, and why is it important to do this?

First of all, the way to start with positioning yourself is to choose a niche. This can either be a specific industry or type of copy if you’re a copywriter - for example, you could choose to work in the automotive industry and then niche down even further to write only for fleet accident repair companies.

Or you could choose to write only white papers or focus on sales copy for websites.

Many people try to avoid niching down because they believe it limits their opportunities in finding work - however, it’s actually the opposite that’s true.

Let’s say you need to see a doctor because you’re having some heart trouble. Would you want a general practitioner to be treating you, or would you prefer a cardiologist to be treating you?

The answer, I hope, is that you’d prefer a cardiologist to be treating you since this is their area of specialisation and you need to be treated by someone who fully understands the complexity of the heart and how to treat you.

The same thing goes with copywriting - or any business. Your clients, or at least the good clients are not interested in hiring a generalist who can write okay, they’re interested in giving their brand the best representation possible, and for this, they need a specialist who fully understands their needs because this is their area of expertise.