Advancing Your Career is Possible in Three Steps

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No matter what you do for a living, you constantly strive to grow in it. The path is not all that smooth, unfortunately. You can develop the best habits to succeed in your work and still encounter a roadblock or a pitfall on the way to success.

So, before you can hit your career goals, you need to ensure that you are advancing. Here are some changes you can make: 

Keep your resume updated

You never know when a golden opportunity will come knocking at your door. Even if you are not actively seeking a job, you need to keep your resume ready, so you wouldn’t get stuck making last-minute updates.

In your career, your resume is one of the essential documents you offer, and it should never be rushed, let alone ignored for years on end. So, if you haven’t looked at your resume since starting your current job, pull it up on your computer, and update all the pertinent details.

Keep working if you are not extremely proud of it. You cannot slack off on your resume, so work on it now while you are not frantically searching for a new job

Learn more; earn more

Self-improvement is vital to succeeding in your job because you need to have the skills to deliver more value. After six to twelve months in any position, a lot of us grow comfortable with the routine work we are tasked to complete. This is you should never assume that your knowledge and skills continue to grow at your job.

Expand your horizons. Pile up knowledge that is useful to your role by perusing relevant resources. You can start by checking out free training resources on the Internet. However, paying your own money for the training makes you more likely to commit to it.

You need to decide on the best way to learn. Try out different approaches, such as traditional classroom setting, self-study (e.g. reading books and watching online tutorials), and hiring an expert to give you one-on-one training and advice. The additional knowledge and skills make you a more valuable talent, so you can earn more and expand your opportunities.

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Join a professional association for your job or industry

Professional associations are powerful career tools that boost your career, and yet, they are often disregarded. Being part of one will not only look great on your resume, but they are also helpful networks to tap when looking for a job. However, you should not wait until you require support before joining one. Get involved now, and start building valuable professional relationships early on.

There are plenty of resources and websites where you can easily find an association for your industry, such as and JobStars. Better yet, ask colleagues or other associates if there are any associations they recommend. Once you join one that suits your professional needs, attend the meetings regularly, and seize skill-building opportunities. Volunteer to serve on the association’s leadership board if your schedule can accommodate it.

Following these steps will fuel your career advancement and clear up the path towards your success. Should you hit an obstacle, the skills and network you acquire will help you get back on your feet again. Set your eyes on the goal, and keep pushing, without being too hard on yourself — always remember that you are a work in progress.