Overworked & Overwhelmed? Try One of These Options Instead

These days, we’re all time poor. When you put your all into your business, it’s only natural that you may feel as if you’re sinking at times. However, sinking is a choice. At first, it doesn’t feel like it. You feel overworked and completely overwhelmed with everything you need to do. Because it feels mandatory. And you cannot always see that you have let yourself feel this way. Remember, life is happening for you, not to yo. You are in control. So it’s time to start acting like it. Sure, you’re sinking right now, but we’re going to change that. Whether you work from home or you have an office, you can start to work smart, get more done, and grow your business or career too. And these are the options you have to do make that happen.

Set Boundaries

To start with, you are going to find that it’s a good idea to have boundaries. If you’re working too much, not taking breaks, and not saying no, then of course you’re going to be overworked and overwhelmed. So start to put yourself first, and don’t down in work!

Hire Help

One of the ways to overcome this, is to hire someone. If you know that you’re at the tipping point, then having an assistant to help you, or hiring your first employee to take on something specialist like marketing or sales, is always a good idea. It’s going to stop you from being so stressed out with everything you have to do. It will also give you the time you need to grow your business.


As a step on from that, you absolutely have to think about outsourcing a lot of the work you do to experts. You are only one person, and no - you cannot do it all. And it’s silly to prove to yourself that you can. Instead, get smart. Hire experts to do the work that you either don’t prioritize, or you’re not good at. Everything from accounting and taxes and admin to office cleaning and marketing, you can hire companies to help you. Then, you have more time to focus on the work that you are good at.

Focus On Growth

And now, you’re going to focus on growth. Because when you’re paying people to do all of the things that you do not want to do anymore for you, then there’s time to grow. So put your time and energy into expansion plans, sales, networking, or anything else that you need to do to take your business to the next level.

Prioritize Focus

And finally, you’ve also got to make motivation and productivity a priority. If you know that you struggle to focus on what you’re doing, then this could be why you feel so stressed out. But if you can really hone in on ho you focus, and you can do the things that you do well, quickly and efficiently, then you’re winning. And yes, you’ll find success instead of stress!