Taking Care of Your Employees, Without Hurting Your Business

We all know the benefits of looking after our staff. It increases employee retention, saving us time and money on training and recruitment. It means that our staff are happy and motivated and that morale is high. Taking care of your team means that they can work better and that they are loyal to you and your business. It’s certainly worth it. But, sometimes, it can be hard to see how to look after your team members, and give them what they need, without harming your business, and without other people losing out. This is especially difficult if you are a smaller business, with a small team, as there’s less flexibility and fewer people to cover and help out.

Giving team members flexibility is key to keeping them happy. It means that they can work around family and other commitments, but, it can hurt your business. Offering unlimited flexibility can mean that you don’t have the people that you need when you need them the most. It can seem as though this would lower productivity and make other people unhappy. Similarly, offering your staff benefits, bonuses and other financial perks is a great way to appreciate them and boost morale, but, spending more than you can afford can be detrimental to your business as a whole. How do you navigate these pitfalls?

Get Help

Managing employee benefits is tough. Whether your company offers dental and medical insurance, 401ks and other retirement benefits, or other perks, it can be complicated, and the bigger your team gets, the more complicated it becomes. You can find that offering benefits from different companies means that you spend more than you really need to. Get help managing your benefits from the Benefit Administration Company, and you could save yourself money and time while making things less complicated and giving your staff what they really need from you.

Be Fair

One of the most significant problems that we have is that all of our staff have different needs. Some need evenings off to care for their elderly parents. Others need more time off at weekends or in the school holidays. Some, aren’t available first thing in the morning. In can be hard to meet everyone's needs and situations can get very complicated.

So, you need to be fair to everyone. Offer everyone the same benefits if you want to offer flexible working. Try to plan your schedules in advance, but allow room for change if something comes up. Give your employees as much notice as you can of changes, and encourage them to do the same, while understanding that it’s not always possible. Flexibility in your own approach is key to being flexible for your staff.

Remember the Simple Things

Looking after your staff isn’t all about big financial perks and time off. The little things can make a massive difference. Listen to them when they’ve got a problem, or they need time off, ask them what you can do to help them. Build a fair and happy place to work, and thank them for their time and hard work.