6 Ways to Create a Better Home Office

Working from home isn’t always the easiest. People think that it’s an absolute lark compared to working in a corporate setting. While it certainly does have its benefits, it’s not always easy to get things done. You have distractions at every turn. People knocking on the door, people calling your phone, maybe even a partner and kids who are constantly vying for your attention. Then there are family and friends who think you can slack off whenever you want and get funny with you when you won’t go and meet them for an impromptu lunch date. Even things like social media and email, which can be important for business, can distract you enough so that you just don’t feel in the ‘zone’ to do any real work.

One thing that can help you to get things done is creating a better home office. With the right home office, you can lock everything out, all distractions, and focus solely on the work you have to do. You won’t feel the need to get up and check the fridge or your phone, as this space is so inspiring!

Below, we have 6 ways you can create a better home office. Take a look and it might be a revelation for you and your work process:

1. Let the Light in

Natural light is essential in any work setting. It can have a huge impact on your mood. If you don’t get enough of it, you’ll probably feel sluggish and low. Open up those curtains or blinds and let the light shine in. You should feel far more productive.

2. Select Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture will make being in your home office a joy. Places like civic australia specialise in this kind of thing. Make sure you have appropriate furniture for each task you expect to do in your home office. Will you have people over for meetings? Do you want a space you can sit and brainstorm? Make sure you think about what you need carefully so you can select the right furniture.

3. Use Quotes and Images That Inspire You

Quotes and images can be hugely inspiring. Choose the ones that speak to you on a deep level and display them proudly!

4. Ensure a Healthy Workstation

A healthy workstation encompasses numerous things. You want a chair that is good for your back and posture, and a desk that allows you to type in a way that doesn’t force you to slouch. Your actual computer or laptop can also play a big part in how aligned your spine is when you sit. Prolonged sitting in the wrong position can be very dangerous.

Keep your workstation clean and tidy, too - getting proper storage can help.

5. Soundproofing

You may want to soundproof your office if you have kids or noisy neighbors. Here are a few ideas you can try.

6. Use Color Strategically

Colors can evoke different moods. Red can give a sense of urgency, while blue signals tranquility. Use the psychology of colors to create an office that makes you want to perform at your best!