Staying Healthy When You Run a Business



There’s much to love about running your own business, but there’s no getting around the fact that it can dominate your life. Your social life takes a backseat, your close friends and family begin to wonder whether they’ve done something to offend you, and that precious old thing called sleep is but a distant memory. And then there’s the matter of your health, which is, of course, a priority, but because of your business, can’t always be treated as such. There are ways, however, to keep your health in check and also run your business. We take a look at a few ways below.

Make Time for Healthy Habits

You wake up, your business is on your mind; you fall asleep, your business is on your mind. The hours in between? Yupp, you guessed it. Though you might want to spend as much time as possible working to improve your venture, it’s imperative that you fit doing healthy activities into your schedule. For example, you could go for a run first thing in the morning, or schedule some gym time in when you take a break for lunch. At the very least, make sure you’re not falling into the habit of eating whatever’s around -- healthy, fresh food is the first step to a healthy body and mind!

Avoid Those Long Hours

Depending on what your company is, you might find that you spend far too many hours sitting behind a desk, typing away. While this is presented as the normal way of doing things in millions of offices around the world, it’s really not all that good for your health, in both obvious and non-obvious ways. For example, you’re not moving your body as much as you should if you’re just sat there.

Learn to Manage Conditions

Part of staying healthy when you run a business involves taking preventive measures to ensure you’re not damaging your long-term health. But it involves actively managing your existing health conditions. In this day and age, there are always ways to keep your conditions under control even when you need to be on the move. If you have diabetes, it’ll mean having your medicine with you and making sure you’re not scheduling any meetings for when you need to inject. If you have urinary issues, then an easy to use, discreet product like Cure catheters will help you to stay on the move. No matter what your issue is, you’ll find there’s a product or medicine available that lets you be up, active, and around town.

Visit Your Doctor

Though all your attention is on running your business, make sure you take the time to schedule a checkup with your doctor every so often. Just because you were in tip-top health when you got your business underway, there are no guarantees that things are going to stay that way!

Finally, learn the art of switching off. You’ll do your energy levels and mental health the world of good if you’re able to relax and unwind.