Actual Ways To Make Employees Feel Valued

For the majority of businesses, the individuals who work within it are the most important part of the whole operation. No business can function very well without them, and the better quality they are, the better. What’s more, if you want their quality to be high, you need to also make sure that they are perfectly happy. Keeping employees happy is something that all business owners struggle with to some degree, and as long as you are running a business you will need to focus on this at some level. In this post, we are going to focus on this, and in particular on how you can expect to make your employees feel truly valued. As long as you can do that, you will find that your business is in a much better situation on the whole, and likely to produce much better work. Let’s see what you might want to focus on with that in mind.


We have all found ourselves in a job, from time to time, in which we did not get much of a chance to communicate with anyone higher up in the company. This lack or breakdown in communication is one of the distinct hallmarks of a business which does not produce employees who feel that they are valued. There is much less chance that such individuals will be keen to stay on, and that is hardly good news for the business in any sense. In order to keep hold of your best employees, you need to make sure that you are keeping the lines of communication open at all times. The fact is, this might be much more complex and involved than you might initially assume, and there are plenty of facets to this we might want to consider.

One of the most important of these is that you communicate openly when you are in-office. The simple act of going around and talking to people will mean that they feel much more able to come up to you to talk to you when things go wrong or they need advice and guidance. Similarly, you should aim to encourage all of your management staff to adopt this approach; you will find that being openly communicative in this way creates more of the same energy in reverse. That then produces a very good culture to be in, which really helps to improve the nature of your business day after day.

Another thing you might want to consider is to publish a regular in-house newsletter, through which you can communicate more generally to the staff in your business. This newsletter can contain information on a range of topics, such as the current performance of the company, expected highlights of the near future, and employee awards. It helps to make this publication as professional as possible, so be sure to hire professional freelance writers for the features and Vittore Buzzi Photography experts for the photography. The more professionally it is produced, the more of an effect it will have, so this is necessary. You can make this as regular or as irregular as you like, so long as you do it. Your employees will feel much more as though they are a part of the business, and clued-up on what is going on. This feeling of involvement, as we will see, is incredibly important.

Communication in general needs to be open and honest if it is to be successful in this setting, and if you cannot manage to do that you will find that it even has a negative or detrimental effect on the business. In the way you speak to people in the office, and in printed words or on email, you need to keep up this way of talking. You will get the same in return, and you will also find that your employees generally feel considerably more valued on the whole as well. As long as you are doing this, you are on the right path.

Dish Out Responsibility

Most people will not appreciate only being given menial tasks to do. If you have a number of employees who are merely doing these kinds of tasks, it will mean you generally have a less than satisfied workforce on the whole. You need to make sure that you are actually giving your employees plenty of responsibility throughout their time working for you, as if you do that it will mean that they are much more likely to stick with you, and less likely to get frustrated and take it out in some way or another. So how can you make sure that you are actively giving out the responsibility in the way you should?

Firstly, bear in mind that you don’t want to dish out too much in one go. If you do that, you will find that you end up making people feel too worried, or that you are stressing them out. Ultimately this will lead to a kind of burnout, and you won’t be able to get that much out of your staff after that point anyway. But you should make a point of not avoiding doing this at all either, so it’s a case of ensuring that you slowly add more responsibility to those that you feel deserve and need it. That is an important thing, too: you need to make sure that you are being fair in the way you dish out responsibility. In other words, do it for those who have earned it in some way, so that those who haven’t have more of a reason to work harder. You should also make sure that the individual in question is happy about it before you ask them to do the extra thing, whatever it might be.

This not only helps them to feel more valued - it also helps to create a workforce which is much more useful for you and which you are going to be able to get much more out of on the whole. That will lead to a business which is likely to succeed much better, and be able to deal with periods of sickness and so on in a much better way, which is clearly going to help you out in the long run.

Seek Their Opinion

The employer who acts and feels as though they are above everyone else generally does not get much in the way of good vibes back from their employees. That much is clear, but it’s also true that this only ends up hindering the entire process of running a business as well. If you want to make sure that you are doing things right, there are two groups of people you most need to ask. The first is your customers. The second, of course, is your employees - and doing so is absolutely going to make them feel considerably more valued as well.

When you regularly ask your employees for feedback, it means that you are going to have a much clearer idea of what you need to be improving upon in order to advance your business.. They will be more clued up than you might even assume, and you will absolutely find that they have some valuable things to say as well. They might surprise you with some of their great ideas, some of which you could take on and improve the business with. If that happens, be sure to thank them in some way. They will then be sure to continue to pass on good ideas to you when they have them arise.

Above all, you should make it clear that people can share their opinion with you any time. It helps if you provide some way of making this anonymous, so that anyone can do so, even if they are not sure of their ability and are a bit shy, or if what they want to say is not easy to say out loud to someone. The more options you provide someone in this way, the more valued they are likely to feel - and the better it will be for you, too.


Finally, you need to remember that any good employer needs to reward their employees when they have earned it. In order to make this as fair as possible, however, it is a good idea to set up some kind of schedule or program for rewards, so that everyone is clear on the criteria of what it takes to get one. That stops there being any possibility of cheating or favouritism, and it means that they are going to be able to know what they need to do to be graced with those awards. Clearly, this is beneficial, so make sure that such a schedule is clearly visible somewhere. Give out frequent and decent rewards, and your employees will be all the more keen to do well, and you can be sure that they will feel considerably more valued too.

The above will all help to make your employees feel much more valued, so they are certainly worth considering if you are keen to make that happen.