Small Ways to Go Green in Business

Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons

Image Source. Licensed under Creative Commons

Going green doesn’t have to be a major investment – whilst adding solar panels to your office roof and replacing all your machines with energy-efficient options can make a major difference, there are smaller ways in which you can make a significant environmental impact. Such methods could save you money, boost your reputation and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping the planet. Here are just a few examples of small ways to go green in business.

Use less paper

Going entirely paperless may be a big ask for some businesses, however there could be ways to use less paper so that you’re making some impact. If you still send physical mail to clients, consider asking whether they’d be willing to switch to email – it will save you a lot of money in postage and it could be more convenient. Also try to stop printing off timetables, rotas and work plans – you may be able to share this information digitally via email or WhatsApp. Most people are now tech-savvy enough to adopt these new methods, so don’t feel you’ll alienate people by switching to digital technology.

Start recycling waste

If you’re not already recycling, this could be another easy way to go green. Set up separate bins in your office for paper and plastic and stop throwing away items that could be sold or donated. You may even be able to sell broken machinery for parts. It could even be worth recording general waste by writing down the amount of bin bags you use each month and trying to improve upon it each time.  

Switch your lightbulbs

If you’ve still got traditional incandescent light bulbs in your workplace, it could be time to switch to LEDs. Whilst LEDs are pricier to buy, you’ll make up costs in the long run by using up less electricity. There are LED bulbs for all uses nowadays including LED lights for shop floors and LED security flood lights. CFL bulbs and halogen bulbs are other alternatives to consider.

Opt for bio-friendly cleaning products

You may also want to consider changing the cleaning products that you’re using. Regular chemical cleaning products can release pollution into the water and into the air. Bio-friendly cleaning products can be just as effective as chemical cleaning products without causing any environmental harm – some are just as affordable too. This could be an easy way to make a change.

Work from home

It’s possible in some jobs that you and your employees may not need to commute into work every day. For those that usually drive to work, this could cut out this form of pollution. With less people working in your workplace, you could even consider cutting down on equipment such as computers so that you’re not using as much electricity.