Drive for a Living? Five Things Worth Knowing

Driving for a living is the perfect career for some people. If you prefer to work alone, like to get out and about and don’t want a boss breathing down your neck all day then it’s a fantastic way to earn money. Some people are just natural drivers, and if this is you then chances are you genuinely enjoy being in your vehicle. However, there are a few considerations you’ll need to bear in mind.

Invest in a good sat nav

If you spend a lot of time on the roads, a good sat nav is your best friend. Something hands free allows for ease of use (and means you’re not breaking the law by touching it if you need to change your route!) New models have things like live traffic updates and warnings, parking information and much more, and can generally make getting around on the roads so much easier. If your vehicle doesn’t have an up to date navigation built in, get down to an electricals or car shop and do some research into the best models for you. Traffic increases stress, and rows of red brake lights can cause migraines and headaches. Anything that can help you to avoid this and make the most efficient journeys is always going to be useful.

Ask your employer about fuel cards

When you drive for a living you’ll need to keep close track of the miles you’re doing. If your employer is relying on receipts you send in to reimburse you, suggest using a fuel card like this one here. It makes life easier for both them and you, they can monitor purchases, track activity and you don’t have to mess around with receipts. There are lots on the market which will suit businesses and fleets of different sizes. Journey and tracking apps can also be useful, it shows where you are in real time and takes the fuss out of calculating distance and miles travelled.

Consider your seat and position

Being sat in one position for long hours can be bad for your health. It’s unavoidable when you drive for a living, but one thing you can do is make sure you have a good driving position. Your seat shouldn’t be too upright or too far back, and consider using a cushion and/ or lumbar support pillow if needed. Get this wrong and you’ll suffer with neck, back and wrist strain and can put yourself at risk of complications. If you’re driving an older vehicle, the seat could be worn and lacking the spring and support it once had. Upgrading to a newer model, or at least finding a replacement seat could be worthwhile.

Pack a healthy lunch

One problem that those who drive for a living struggle with is eating healthily. Temptation is all around when you’re on the roads, from service stations to drive thrus, there’s delicious and unhealthy treats everywhere you go. Instead of buying your lunch, pack your own. Get into the habit of preparing and bringing your own food and drinks, not only will it save you money but you’ll be doing your waistline a favour. Even things like salads can be covered in unhealthy dressing if you get them from a fast food joint or buy prepackaged, so it’s not always as easy as saying ‘I’ll choose the healthy option.’ Plus, even if you go in with the best of intentions, it’s going to be easy to be swayed once you smell everything else in there!

Get enough exercise

Since you spend a huge part of your day sat down to drive, during your free time it really makes sense to try and get active to help to balance things out. Many people with sedentary jobs struggle with their weight and all of the health complications that can come along with that. So do what you can to keep fit, you could go on walks with your dog after walk, cycle to and from work, you could join the gym or take up a sport that you do at the weekends. It keeps your muscles strong, your weight down and prevents some of the risks that can come along with sitting for much of the day.

Driving might be the perfect career for you, so stay efficient and keep yourself happy and healthy with these tips.