Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Guide

More and more businesses are adopting cloud computing all over the world, as companies seek to improve their agility and reduce costs. While cloud computing presents many benefits; it has also brought the need for greater levels of security. Training and certification are required to ensure that appropriate security controls are in place and that cloud computing is being implemented responsibly. This is where CCSK training comes into place, with CCSK standing for Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge.

When taking this IT security training course, you will be required to pass the CCSK exam, which ensures you are aware of all of the theory and the best practises surrounding cloud computing. Nevertheless, the benefits of CCSK IT security training courses do not end there, as you will actually get real-world experience that will help you in the future when it comes to implementing security controls and cloud computing on the whole.

There are many reasons why the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge comes highly recommended and of the main ones is because it is recognised all over the world. Individuals working at the likes of http://www.gowhiteowl.com and other companies will have trained in security. It has the backing of the European Network and Information Security Agency and is supported by Cloud Security Alliance. These are two organisations that have a leading role to play when it comes to cloud security research on a global basis.

Not only this, but the exam itself is Internet-based and available 24-hours a day. This means that you can take the exam as soon as you have undergone your formal training and feel prepared. You won’t have to wait for an exam date to come around. The exam is also open-book, however, don’t let this fool you into thinking it will be easy or that you do not need to do as much preparation, as they have designed the test to make it difficult and to be based on a practical demonstration of knowledge in cloud business security issues and practises.

CCSK has been designed for a wide assortment of professionals that are involved in the IT industry, as cloud computing impacts a huge number of people nowadays due to its deployment all over the world. From data security, to compliance, to architecture, to governance – this course covers a large number scope of topics, which is another reason it is suitable for so many IT professionals. If you want to pursue CCSK certification you will not be expected to have any requisites, aside from a basic knowledge of IT security as a whole.

You are advised to find a high quality CCSK training provider, who can give you all of the information needed to pass the exam. The following is the topics you will cover – virtualisation, traditional security, portability and interoperability, legal and electronic discovery, information lifecycle management, incident response, identity and access management, governance and enterprise risk, encryption and key management, data centre operations, compliance, audit, cloud architecture and application security. With so many domains to perfect, quality training is essential if you are to have the best chance of passing the exam and propelling your career in IT security.