How to Transition from Being a Freelancer to Managing a Company

Image via  Flickr

Image via Flickr

Years ago, you created a business from home, and you finally reached your capacity as a freelancer. It is time to create a bigger brand, employ people, and scale up your business. The bad news is that the transition can be challenging. The good news is that you can prepare for the challenges and deal with each aspect of the change one by one. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Get Specialists for Specialist Tasks

It is important that you let go of some of the jobs you were ready to do as a freelancer. If your clients want you to do it, you will be able to give the lower level tasks to your employees. At the same time, specialist areas will need a person with more experience and better productivity than you have. You might be good at what you do, but are certainly not a qualified marketing strategist, sales funnel expert, or accountant.

Create a Stronger Brand

Once you have all the resources to make it big, you will have to start thinking like a big business and a manager. Your mindset will have to change, and this means that you have to focus on not only marketing, but branding as well. Apart from learning to navigate your career and business challenges, you will also have to make your brand appealing to the right type of client.

Keep an Eye on Your Profitability

As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your business remains profitable. One of the greatest shifts you will face is that you are now responsible for paying rent, insurance, and wages to your employees. If you are not sure that the volume of work will provide you with decent traffic, you will need to talk to a business finance expert.

Replicate Your Past Success

Do you remember the time when you started your business? Hold on to the same passion and replicate your initial idea and success by training your employees to replace whatever you used to do yourself. Align your mission and vision with your employees, as well as your customers’, and you will have a strong, connected brand that will impress the right people and generate results for the market.

Image via  USDA

Image via USDA

Reputation Management

You will also have to pay more attention to your reputation if you are launching a larger business. As your client base grows, you will have much more chances to upset your customers. Train your staff on customer service, and allow them to come up with ideas that can improve the outcome of your work. Get your website checked and ensure you are getting the maximum uptime by talking to an IT consultant at, to find out how you can improve your online customer service.

Transitioning from a sole trader into a business owner and manager is challenging. Change your mindset, set your eyes on bigger goals, and ensure that you choose people who replace you carefully.