Advancing Your Career as a Working Mom Doesn’t Have to Be Tough

When you start a family, you may well have cut back on your working hours so that you could fit everything in you needed to do. Raising children and holding down a full-time job, is not easy, but it is not impossible. If you have now reached the point where you want to increase the time you spend at work and to try and forge forward with your career, these few tips may help you to achieve the work/life balance you need.

Don’t Be Frightened to Take a Chance

Children crave routine and familiarity. But you are an adult trying to rebuild your career, and you need to take chances if you want that to happen. There will be sometimes that things do not work out as you had hoped, but face these challenges head-on, as the chances you are taking could be a huge step forward for your career.

Expect the unexpected, and don’t be shocked or surprised how the world of work has changed. Since you had your little ones, technology has advanced an enormous amount, and nothing now stays the same for long. You need to take chances to deal with the way things have moved on if you want to be able to get back into the job of your choice.

Think More Long Term, Not Just About Now

When the future of the business is being discussed, think about where you will fit into the future vision. Decide what projects you want to be part of and what you can do to help make it successful. This can give you a new perspective on your career and help you to forget some of the challenges you are facing on your return to work.

Get New Qualifications

Qualifications are always good for anyone wanting to further their career, and now you can get them through online course. This makes it so much simpler to fit them into your lifestyle, as you can study when the kids are in bed or at school. Your final certificate does not say where the course you completed was online or not, but it seems that employers are impressed with people that have had the self-discipline to complete them this way.

All colleges and universities offer their courses online these days. If you want to complete a computer and network support degree, for instance, you will be able to get all the help you need to complete the work because of online tutoring sessions. These tend to involve other students too, and they can be a great way to discuss issues concerning your course with other people.

Think About Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not just for businesses; it can be very useful for working moms too. Just think how much simpler life would be if someone else came and cleaned your home while you are at work. How good would it be if all your washing and iron was done, so that when you are at home you can spend quality time with your children?

There are several tasks around your home that you could outsource. It is not generally expensive and can make achieving your work/life balance a lot simpler.

Don’t Be Negative

Always stay positive about what you are trying to do and every little achievement you make towards your goal. Being negative will cause you to get stressed and anxious and that will show in your work and in your family life.

Think about what you have and what else you will have when you have moved forward in your career. It is not the materials things you should be considering, but a fulfilling work life and a happy family.

Know Your Boundaries

As a working mom, you will have to have boundaries. You will need to be aware of what they are and ensure that your employers know them too. If one of your children needs to go to the doctors or the dentist, you may well need the time off from work to take them. That does not make you a bad employee though, as you can always make the time up on another day. As long as you are able to complete the work you should to a high standard with the set deadlines, most employers will accept that working moms sometimes have to put their children first.

Take Your Mommy Skills to Work

As a parent, you will have learned a whole lot of skills that you never knew existed.  Never be afraid to use these new skills in your job. Moms tend to make good leaders because they have had to deal with the highs and tantrums of children, and that skill can often be need to lead a team successfully.

Mom’s also seem to develop an intuition for bad situations that was not there before. Listen to your intuition and show your bosses how you can resolve problems quicker than non-parents.

Know the Challenges Your Career may Present

Make a list of the challenges being a working mom is likely to present you with. If you have this list before you return to work, you will find that many of them will be solved before your first day. There is no guarantee that new ones will not present themselves along the way, but you and your children will learn to cope with whatever dilemma you are faced with.


When you return to work, make sure it is to a career you enjoy. It will be hard work running a home and working at the same time, but it will not feel nearly as hard if you are enjoying the job you have chosen.

You will be displaying a great work and life ethic to your children, and as they learn by example, this can be good for them too. They will see a mom who is achieving things, but who still has the time she needs to spend with her children and family. That is an example they will take through the rest of their lives, and one that you should be proud of.