How Offices Lose Money In A Drip-Drip Manner

Think of your professional brain in a series of tiers. On top will be the overall direction your business is heading. The second tier just below will be about getting the most out of your directors and heads of departments as they control many projects. The next will be to make sure your employees and clients are also doing well in their individuals tasks and needs. Next the logistics and the overall costs of running the business. This is the tier that unfortunately sometimes doesn’t get it's just dues in the way of smaller things should. For example, the sales of a company will bring money in but everyday you’re countering that by losing money somewhere else. Namely, the office is the one area that is almost always overlooked. Why is this? Well, the smaller things are a pain in the backside to pin down and rectify when you’re trying to focus everywhere else.

Make smart prints

A paper basket with balled up pieces of paper can mean a few things. Maybe your employees are trying to bounce some ideas around and they keep coming up with a few duds. Okay, that can be true but it can also mean that someone isn’t making good use of the office paper. Paper is one of the biggest office expenses that any business will make. Think about what you need paper for. Everything from business plans, project plans, design drafts, calculations, pencil graphs and contract writing all occurs using office sheet paper. There’s  a simple way your employees can avoid wasting paper, and that’s by getting a second opinion on what they’re about to print and carefully viewing the preview. It's a simple case of human error needing to be stopped, but it has to be delivered via a protocol implementation.

When no one’s looking

We’re more likely to make a mess when no one is looking. Case in point, the office bathrooms are almost always wasteful in some manner. Maybe people are just using too much paper to dry their hands, maybe they're also wasteful with the toilet roll. Other times it can be when the sink taps are just too free flowing and the water doesn’t shut off properly. It's a drip-drip fashion that can overtime wrack up the bills. To solve this a simple faucet water saving kit like a Moen A112 18.1M would greatly help. It's a versatile aerator which can work in many different faucets. It's also incredibly strong so it can withstand pent up pressures and not erode or crack over long periods of usage.

Image Source:  pxhere

Image Source: pxhere

Away from keyboard

If your employees are on a lunch break or perhaps some of them have gone out to meet clients and pitch ideas, then make sure their monitors and computers are shut down. This kind of background electricity use is what piles up the bills at the end of the month. If your staff aren’t using their machines, turn them off or at the very least put them to sleep or on standby.

As the business owner your hands are always full. There’s so much to think about and do, but these little drip-drip losses of money from the small things are what can surprise you when it comes time to pay the bills.