How to Utilise Smart Speakers in Your Marketing Career

Internet marketing is an ever-changing field. The methods that brought you the best results last year might not cut it anymore. It's very easy to rest on our laurels and use tried and tested techniques, and in doing so, take our eyes off the ball. If you run an SEO agency or work in internet marketing you cannot afford to let this happen and you need to be ahead of trends to really feel the full benefit.

We are continually finding new ways of bringing information and communication into our lives, homes and daily routines. We have never been so connected, and with that comes a raft of potential opportunities to be getting messages to our customers. The sheer quantity of information online changes how we interact with search engine algorithms to ensure our customers are getting the traffic they need to continue trading.

Alexa from Amazon has taken our homes by storm. Its diverse uses have allowed this to become a tool that many cannot live without now. You might be asking what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, buying a new part for your car, putting on a tune you haven’t heard for years, or catching up on your favourite podcast. Whatever the task; using natural language processing, smart speakers such as the Echo Dot or Google Home respond instantly and intuitively. They reduce the chore factor in so many of the little jobs you might need to do. Within the next couple of years, voice search is set for staggering growth. But is your business making the best of this opportunity? Are you doing your customers a disservice by not grasping Alexa's skill learning abilities? In a similar manner to chatbots, many companies are developing AI interfaces to interact with their customers through devices such as the Amazon Echo.

Keep Up To Date On The Marketing World

A great tip for professional SEOs and those in marketing out there is to download the Alexa skill; 'SEO Agency' here: We are all living such busy lifestyles, and multitasking is something we all have to do. SEO Agency gives you bulletins and updates, keeping you astride of news in the SEO world without you needing to spend time trawling information yourself. Let Alexa fire this information at you while you make your breakfast or do your morning workout. In an ever-changing world, having information at your fingertips is not enough, let the news come to you without needing to lift a finger or read anything.

Getting There First

Think back to all of those great marketing ideas that have sprung up around new emerging technologies. The innovations in app technology set the tone and paved the way for others, however, that initial use of the technology was often defining and really propelled the first adopters to greatness. It is estimated that by 2022, 55% of US homes will own a smart speaker. The next few years are critical for developing and innovating. There may be plenty of untapped potential for companies who are prepared to invest the time.

Listen and Learn

Given the conversational manner of interactions with personal assistants using smart speakers, we are seeing a new way of learning about our customers’ needs and also gaining new information from our customers. While Google search term analysis can take our understanding of what society is thinking quite far; having the ability to ask questions back and get feedback from the customer on the AI’s responses to requests will become invaluable in tailoring a unique, personalized marketing experience to each and every user.

There will, of course, be data protection concerns here, and there will in due course, no doubt, be legislation and regulation surrounding how consent is obtained, and the manner in which data used.

Making It A Game

The interactive nature of smart speakers allows for building games and quizzes around marketing products and services. Smart speakers keep their owners entertained with new content seamlessly added, providing opportunities to link in related products.

Get Alexa To Read Your Google Analytics

Pulling reports and analyzing the data can be tedious and vastly time-consuming. Of course, there may be many that enjoy that aspect of marketing, but chances are you are too busy to take pleasure in such tasks. Get Alexa to pull data and give you everything from the main headlines through to an in-depth breakdown without even leaving the shower.

Advice From The Professionals

Information skills can be created by brands, giving users recipes using ingredients potentially related to the brand. The Tide skill will provide advice on getting rid of stains, while Stubbs gives advice on making tasty BBQ food.

For a recognizable brand name, using the right tone consistently can create a sense of trust and loyalty in this manner.

Optimized Content

It’s another new playing field out there. A decade ago, companies were clambering to ensure that their content worked on phones and tablets just as seamlessly as it did on a computer screen. The challenge now is to ensure that content is optimized for the likes of Alexa. Obviously, the browsing experience is entirely different, but you need to make sure that your data and content translates. Utilizing conversational language in your site will allow for the types of search terms used by smart speaker owners.

Looking Further Into The Future

Over the next few years, there will no doubt be a fight for dominance between AI’s and personal assistants. Consumers will generally favour one and will utilize the AI across all of their devices, in vehicles and through connected home appliances. As more users come on board, the better the AI’s will come to understand our needs and create a broader picture with our data.

The fact that such devices can be used as an advertisement, a sales advisor, the point of sale and much of the operations function found within a retail business has wide and exciting prospects for society as we move toward a post-service based economy.