3 Simple Ways to Maximize Freelancing Success

If you have recently gone freelance, you might be wondering where all of your clients will come from. Sure, you have a little black book of contacts that you have collected from the world of full time employment, but you need to expand your horizons and take on more work if you are to make your foray into the world of freelancing a success. Being a freelancer means working from home, having the odd pajama day, and sipping your favorite coffee as you answer emails. This all sounds amazing but if you also find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook feed, watching daytime TV and spending your afternoons napping, then you might be too much of a procrastinator for this whole freelancing thing to work. If you want to make a go of it, take a look how you can maximize your freelancing success.

Get Online

If you don’t have social media accounts for your freelancing business, it’s time to sign up for them. Yes, you might have your personal accounts, but you need something a little bit more professional for your clients. They don’t want to see the avocado smash you had for breakfast at the weekend or see where you went on holiday last summer. You need to separate the personal and professional. Make sure that you design a logo, develop a brand and emulate this across blogs, your website and social media channels.

Sign Up

It’s vital that you are able to sign up to supplier directories like Koble, so you can market yourself for potential clients to come and find you. You might work as a copywriter, an SEO specialist or a social media manager. Directories will show any potential client the services you provide, they can check out examples of your work, and view your price list. If they think you are a good fit with the job they need completing, they can get in touch directly, and you can decide how you will work together. Plenty of sites allow you exposure and will permit you to link back to your website and blog. Directing traffic directly to your website is the easiest way to secure sales and increase profits.

Test The Waters

If you are still in full time employment and haven’t yet taken the plunge to go freelance, now is the time to test the waters. Utilize some of your evenings and weekends to explore the work you want to be doing when you go self employed. Is it manageable? Do you have a profitable niche? Are you able to secure clients? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the chances are that you have the foundations of a profitable freelance business. Above all else, make sure that you walk before you can run. Keep your freelancing as a side hustle until you are certain that you can pay the bills from your freelancing alone. Only then should you consider resigning.

Taking a big leap into the world of freelancing can be terrifying, but it can also be hugely rewarding, especially for your work life balance. Follow this guide and maximize your freelance success.