How to Obtain Free Education for Your Kids

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The most important thing that parents have to prepare for financially when it comes to having kids is their education. Which schools will nurture their love of learning? Which schools can hone their talents and skills, whether it’s in sports, music, science, or the arts? While there are many good schools in the country, most of these are private education that cost an arm and a leg.

Get a Job in the School

There are current BSM job vacancies, for instance, that you can apply for and hopefully get hired for. School employees get free education for their children or at least a large discount on the tuition and miscellaneous fees. This is a great opportunity for you to earn and for your kids to be exposed to the best British-based academic curricular that the country has to offer.

Apply for Scholarships

Clearly, this is the obvious choice for many parents. There are two types of scholarships in most schools, colleges, and universities. The first one is the academic scholarship where your children need to maintain above-average grades to qualify for free education. The second one is the financial grant wherein your kids will render hours of community service to the school in exchange for free tuition. Community service includes simple tasks such as fixing books in the library and helping the human resource department with their data-entry duties.

Tap Government Resources

Many governments offer free public education for their citizens. Look at the requirements for these grants. Some will require for your family to pass a stringent test to prove your incapacity to send your children to school and earn a decent living that’s enough to pay for your kids’ tuition. In most western countries, all public schools are free and have a high-quality education. This isn’t usually the case for third-world countries and the poor quality of public (and even private) education. Nonetheless, research your government’s recent laws on free education and make sure to comply with the requirements.

Look into Foreign Grants

Many countries offer free education to citizens from developing countries. The grants normally include living expenses such as food, accommodation, and basic needs. If you are hoping for your kids to have a chance to make it outside of the country, these grants present a glimmer of opportunity. Information about these grants is published regularly on the websites of the foreign countries you are targeting. Check the websites, as well as their social media accounts, for more information. Just a reminder, though: Many of these grants will require your kids to have extraordinarily good grades from their present schools. Some might also require a slew of extra-curricular activities related to the program your kids will be applying for.

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Secure a Student Loan

While not necessarily “free,” this gives your kids a chance to attend the college or university that they want. Student loans would need to be paid well after your kids have graduated. The interests will also take effect once they have fulfilled their degrees. You can help your kids pay for the loan in the future. But in the meantime, you can focus on providing their other needs such as books, dorm rooms, food, and other basic necessities. Of course, these expenses can also be shouldered by the student loan, though that depends on the grant issued to your children.

There should be no hindrance to education. Plenty of governments are working to craft and sign laws that will make education accessible to everyone. After all, if this generation of kids is the future of this society, then governments are duty-bound to do everything in their power to make sure that they are equipped with the necessary tools to combat modern-age societal challenges.