Taking the Leap From Home Office to Business Premises

There may come a time in your business plans where your operations are just a little too big for your home office. This is an exciting time for any business owner, as it means you’re moving in the right direction to increase your project levels and output. With these changes in your business, there will be a lot of things to consider before taking the leap into a new premises. It’s also vital to remain level headed during the process to avoid overstretching budgets and plans before the extra money starts coming in. 

To help you plan this new process for your organisation, take a look at some of the top things to consider when taking the leap from home office to commercial property. 

Choosing a location

Location is a crucial aspect when deciding on where your business should be based. If you have customers or clients that visit, ensuring it’s in an accessible spot is essential to make sure everyone can find you easily. If you need shop frontage, choosing a location that has good footfall is also crucial. These factors might bump the price up, so you also have to factor in rent and bills to accommodate a better location. 

Choosing a property

Deciding on the type of commercial property you want can be challenging. It will have to meet most of your needs and be in the right location to fit your business plans. In some cases, you may have to compromise certain aspects. However, getting the right size and functionality is critical. If the building doesn’t work for you, then it won’t work for your business in the long term. Budget will also factor into this, so it’s important not to get overwhelmed or take on more than you can handle if you don’t have the immediate funds. 

New building or renovation work

There is a host of commercial properties available, but you’ll need to decide whether a new build unit or a fixer-upper is the way to go. New buildings give you a fresh canvas to get started; however, there might be restrictions on what you can do or change in the building. Renovation projects are great for businesses that want to put their own stamp on a place, but they will eat into your overall premises budget. You’ll have to consider what needs work and what can potentially wait. It’s not just the inside that matters either, as you may need external work such as getting a commercial paving contractor to lay a new car park area. These elements all require investment in time and money. However, it’s an excellent way to achieve the look you desire for your brand. 

Alongside the main aspects to consider, there are lots of other things to think about, including:

  • Equipment and machinery

  • Energy bills and land rates

  • Taxes

  • Insurance

  • Legal protection

  • Trading licenses 

All of these other conditions can make moving into larger premises slightly more challenging. But once you set the wheels in motion, all the investment and hard work will start to pay off.