Contracting 101: 8 Great Ways to Achieve More On A Daily Basis

Pexels: Commercial License Pexels: Commercial License

Pexels: Commercial LicensePexels: Commercial License

Time efficiency is a growing concern for workers of all backgrounds. However, it can take an even greater significance when you’re self-employed or working as a contractor. Therefore, learning to squeeze more out of each day is vital. 

Here are eight top tricks to ensure that you do it in style. Adopt these winning habits over the coming weeks, and the rewards will last a lifetime. 

1. Remove the home distractions 

Working from home brings a whole host of benefits, not least because you can start work from the moment you wake. However, the distractions of housework or Netflix can be problematic. Build yourself a designated office space and use it. Keep it clean and simple. 

2. Analyze your current activities 

We’re all guilty of doing things in business that offer very little in terms of productivity. Sadly, they will stay in the blind spot if you do not take the time to analyze and improve the situation. Write down everything for a week, and then pinpoint tasks that can be dropped or cut down to size.

 3. Manage appointments 

Organizing your schedule is one of the most influential tasks of all. While planning your week or month is great, you should also use modern tech to check daily situations. Weather reports, live traffic near me data, and similar features can be a big help. Do not ignore it.  

4. Look the part

Appearances can influence the reaction of clients and other people that you strike key business relations with. However, looking good also makes you feel good. This can translate to increased productivity and the willingness to go the extra mile in all aspects of the work. 

5. Do more with your lunchtime

Taking a lunch break may seem a little counterproductive. In reality, using your lunch hour in the right way can completely transform your approach to daily activities. If nothing else, it will promote a greater sense of structure over the coming weeks and months. It will bring big results.

6. Use checklists 

Putting your tasks onto paper (or screen) can make a big difference. It puts you in the right mood and provides direction throughout. Project management software can also be used to enhance collaborations with other contractors on the big jobs. It'll make life far easier. 

7. Consider outsourcing some jobs 

While you’d love to do all jobs and take 100% of the revenue, it isn’t a viable option for many. Outsourcing admin tasks through virtual assistants (either human or computerized) is key. It can save valuable time and prevent distractions. This allows you to complete the jobs at hand. 

8. Invest in automated accounting 

As well as taking care of your daily admin such as fielding calls, tech can handle your accounting. Whether it’s a simple App to record your receipts or a full-blown piece of accounting software doesn’t matter. The added organization and saved hours will work wonders.  

Small upgrades often generate the biggest returns, and this is especially true when working as a contractor. Put the winning foundations in place today to unlock a brighter tomorrow.