3 Ways To Maintain A Positive Business Reputation

A positive reputation doesn't happen overnight. 

It can take months if not years to win the approval of those who matter to your business the most (your customers, in case you were wondering), and once you have achieved a well-earned reputation, you need to take the appropriate steps to maintain it. You see, one angry word from an aggrieved customer, or a simple mistake on your part, could undo all of the hard work that you have thus far put in. As you know, bad word-of-mouth can quickly escalate like wildfire, especially online.

So, with the above in mind, here are just a few of the things you need to do to maintain your positive business reputation.

1. Don't assume your customers will remain loyal to you

Sure, you might well have a steady stream of customers, but the moment you assume they will stay with you forever is the moment when you might start to take them for granted. You might make less effort with your customer service, for example, and you might spend less time honing your product. Complacency is one of the reasons why customers will leave you, as if you stop giving them what they want or need, they will have no further reason to stick around. And, in the context of this article, they might also let others know of the reasons why they no longer like you!

2. Google your business on a regular basis

As we said earlier, it can only take one bad word against you to scupper your reputation, so be sure to monitor your reputation online. By typing in your business name, alongside words such as 'review' or 'comments,' you might find mentions of your business on review and social media sites. Hopefully, any word you find out about your business online will be positive, but if you do discover anything negative, you will need to respond accordingly. Check this article for guidance and consider setting up a Google alert with your business name so you can stay updated on your online presence.

3. Take steps to avoid a bad reputation

There are all kinds of reasons as to why a business garners a bad reputation, so you need to consider some of these reasons and take steps to reduce the risks to your business.

Think about your online security, for example. If your customer data was compromised, perhaps through human error or a cyber attack, then your customers would quickly lose trust in you. To preempt this, you should partner with an IT company that is tailored to your business needs. Check the following link to read more about one IT service specifically tailored to support dental businesses, for example. 

You might also consider any people under your employ. While you might be doing your bit to maintain your reputation, they could bring your business into disrepute through their behavior, both in work and out. Staff training on appropriate behavior is a must then, as are policies with strict guidelines on employee code of conduct. 

Check here for further reasons as to why your business might lose its good reputation, and take the appropriate steps to manage risk. 


So, if you have managed to achieve a positive reputation, follow our suggestion to maintain the good name of your business. After all, it would be a shame to see the good efforts you have already put in go to waste because of a bad review or a negative social media post!