How Tarpaulin Signs Can Boost Your Business

Do you want to increase the visibility of your business? Here's how great signs can promote your products or services.

Do you want to increase the visibility of your business? Here's how great signs can promote your products or services.

In this digital age, a lot of marketing and advertising happens on the Internet. Whether you’re on social media or searching on Google, you’re almost continuously exposed to online ads.

However, when it comes to catching customers’ attention, having a traditional sign still helps boost marketing. In fact, many small-business owners find that store signage always helps increase customer traction. More specifically, 64% of millennial business owners place a lot of value on graphics and creativity when it comes to store signs. So how does it improve your company’s marketing?

Reinforce your business identity

Having well-designed signage won’t just catch a customer’s eye. It helps develop brand name recall. This is crucial when it comes to establishing your name in the industry.

The logo, colors, and the overall message of your sign create an immediate impression of your brand. If they reencounter the logo or design in the future, they should be able to associate it with your business.

Make sure to plan and consult a professional graphic artist to make your brand’s look consistent. If you have a website or social media page for your business, customers should be able to identify how similar the design and message is on the signage when they compare it to your online marketing materials.

Help customers find you

Consider how useful a large tarpaulin sign will be for your business location. Whether you’re running an old store or just starting a new company, always make sure customers know where to find you.

Place your business sign at key places where there’s an overflow of traffic. For instance, if you have a store or restaurant, you can install a tarpaulin sign along a busy highway or a gas station. If you want to draw in commuters, consider putting signs near a bus stop or the train station. The sign should have clear information on which direction to go and how far your business is from the tarp's location.

Once someone sees it, they have the chance to decide if they want to try out your services. Attractive signage can catch people’s attention and draw in potential customers straight to you. 

Make your tarpaulin signs interactive

Want people to get more information? Place your company URL, and social media handles on the sign. This allows them to check out your website or Facebook page later on.  

Want a better way to get specific information to customers? Customize your sign by adding a quick-response or QR code. Smartphones are capable of scanning QR codes, which appear as square patterns. This allows businesses to transmit information like contact details, website address, store location, and other promotional information conveniently to people.

If you want to keep up with the changing times, consider the QR code as a marketing feature on your next tarpaulin design. 

Market your business during special events

People appreciate it when brands get involved with their community. One way to do this is by participating in local events where you can create awareness for your brand. Check the calendar for the city’s anniversary, sports fest, or an annual parade.

Have a large tarpaulin made for your booth to ensure visibility. Again, make sure to consult a professional graphic designer as well as a signage supplier in Manila for high-quality products.

You will find there’s a lot of events that provide your business with the opportunity to reach out to more people. However, beyond the exposure, it’s best to participate in activities that are relevant to your brand. Plan what events you want to target and which social causes your business truly supports. 

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Large and clear signs attract potential customers

When it comes to signs, size matters. And we’re not just talking about putting up a large tarp to catch everyone’s attention. Take note: large and readable font size matters in reaching more people. This makes a difference in being chosen or not by customers.

For instance, if you’re putting up a sign along the road, make sure to put larger, easy-to-read font. Here’s a good rule to remember: lettering should be at least 10 inches in height for a 100 feet distance. Moreover, avoid cursive letters as much as possible. Cursive letters are harder to read when people are moving.

Online marketing is good, but it’s not enough. High-quality signs help create the image you want for your brand and extends this image beyond digital platforms. It helps people find your actual location, and even get more information through QR codes. Finally, signs allow you to spread brand awareness during events, especially with large, well-designed tarpaulins.