Tips On Raising Your Business Profile In The Local Marketplace

Image Source:  (Pixabay CC0)

Image Source: (Pixabay CC0)

If we were to mention your business to people in your local community, would they know who we were talking about? Would they nod their heads in recognition, or would they look completely nonplussed, and claim no knowledge of ever hearing about you?

For your business to succeed, especially if you are specifically targeting the people in your local community, you do need to raise your profile. After all, people aren't going to buy from you if they have no recognition of your existence!

To raise your business profile, you might want to consider the following.

1. Boost your SEO presence

If a local customer was to Google the product or service type that you are offering, would your business website appear near the top of the search page ranking? Or would it be pages away from your competitors? If you aren't ranking highly, then you need to do something about it. You can do this by localizing your SEO yourself, placing keywords around your website that pertain to both your location and the service you can offer. There is plenty of advice online as to how to do this, so commit to research. You can also boost your search engine position with the aid of a professional marketing company. As an example, MV3 offer businesses a technical SEO audit, with the promise to patch any holes in those SEO strategies that aren't working. Give them a call or research other professional marketing companies online. 

2. Raise your profile on local business sites

Is your business listed online? You stand a better chance of gaining new customers if you are, as going beyond your website and social media business pages, there are loads of sites online that will list your business for free. From Yelp to CitySearch, take a look at these business listing websites and sign up to any that are popular within your community. Then continue your research online, as there may be other listing websites that are specific to your local area. 

3. Have an offline presence

Despite the power of the internet for marketing, to be truly effective, you need to have a physical presence in the real world. We aren't just talking about using billboards and tarpaulin signs to boost your business, as there is value in your face being out in the community too! Set up a stall at community events and sell your product to the public. Get yourself along to local business meetings, and network with those people who will promote your business to their customers. Invite the community to your local business for an open day, and hold a fundraiser for a local cause. And offer your opinion about matters pertaining to your community on local news stations. When people get to see (and trust) the face behind your business, they might be more willing to choose your company when deciding where to spend their money.

So, think about what you can do today to boost your profile in the local marketplace. Use our suggestions, and meet with your coworkers to form a local marketing strategy. You should see a boost in your profits if you do, and your business will have a greater chance of staying open in the long-term.