Presidential Candidates: Their Behavior NSFW

Don't emulate the behavior of our presidential candidates. Their antics set a bad example for young workers and are not tolerated in the workplace.

Don't emulate the behavior of our presidential candidates. Their antics set a bad example for young workers and are not tolerated in the workplace.

I just can’t take it anymore, ya'll! I feel like the character Howard Beale in the Academy Award winning movie Network (1976) sticking his head out the window yelling “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” What the hell? What’s up with all the name calling? What happened to the respectful exchange of dialogue? Regardless of opinion, or where you stand on the issues, show some decorum instead of your ass. People are behaving badly, making quite the spectacle and being terrible role models. So, all you young professionals take heed. Don’t try their NSFW antics. These grown-ups-that-should-know-better-but-are-behaving-badly could be your next president, but you could be out of a job.

Just because presidential candidates hurl insults, call one another liars, fools, idiots and mock their appearance and intelligence in the media you don’t want to treat your co-workers the same way.  And you probably won’t because you know it’s not the right thing to do, right? You learned this at home, in grade school, and saw it reinforced in anti-bullying campaigns. Apparently, they didn’t. Regardless, they could become president, but you can get fired.

The Donald can make offensive statements about women, Mexicans and Muslims and still be our next president. You can be written up in a heartbeat at work for making the same comments because it creates a hostile work environment and violates company policy, but for them, anything goes. Of course, Carly may be able to hold her own in the polls living in a “fact-free zone” saying she saw something when in fact she did not. And Hillary may not have verifiable proof ISIS is using Trump's rhetoric as a recruiting tool, leading experts have suggested as much.  Regardless, if you try twisting the truth, you can bet your ass you’ll be called on it at work and there will be consequences. And, even though Trump is leading the pack it’s best not to emulate him when it comes to your next big interview. You'll need something more substantive to say other than how great you are, how much money you have, how many people love you and how great it’s going to be once you get the job.

Some candidates are behaving better than others. Bernie is quite the well mannered gentleman. He gets his point across while being polite but also doesn't take any crap from anyone. Overall, things have calmed down since Jeb's blunders but he did call Trump a jerk last week. And, Cruz won't stand up to the Donald regardless of what he says, including the recent Muslim ban, bathroom remarks and the Yiddish slang which we have all added to our vocabulary now. Trump's latest argument is that the word isn't vulgar because some liberal reporter used it in the 80's back when Mondale was running for president. Go figure.  As a Baby Boomer, I see this as really bad reality TV and I wish the episode would end. But, I'm terrified of what might happen in the finale.