How to Ensure More Responsible Drinking During the Holiday Office Party

A responsible drinking policy needs to be in place before company events. Image:  Pexels

A responsible drinking policy needs to be in place before company events. Image: Pexels

The holidays, celebrations, big announcements: They’re all great reasons to gather at work and perhaps to eat—and to have a drink or two. However, unfortunately, too many people overdo it at these events. Many workers take the office holiday party as an excuse to drink—and drink and drink. Some employers don’t know what to do so they either tolerate it (and risk the liability that goes with it) or ban alcohol at all events. Alternatively, there are other ways to set the tone and help people understand and know their limits at professional events.

It is the festive time of year, and many workplaces are in the process of wrapping up plans for their holiday work parties. Before plans are finalized, it’s important to discuss how alcohol factors into the event and establish guidelines. How can you do that?

For starters, it’s essential to create and share a policy that your company abides by. Everyone needs to receive the policy well before the events. So when you have the occasion to celebrate, make sure to set limits so that there are non-alcoholic options and limits to how much people can drink. It’s not too late to discuss this topic at your workplace and establish guidelines and share it with the employees.

Want some guidelines?

Fortunately, there is a helpful resource available to simplify the process. Read the ZeroCater article here and review the graphic below! Both explain help explain how to take steps to ensure responsible drinking at work events.

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