With These 4 Tips Your Work Holiday Gift Giving Just Got a Lot Easier

Take time to appreciate business clients, contacts and coworkers to build strong relationships.  Credit

Take time to appreciate business clients, contacts and coworkers to build strong relationships. Credit

The holidays are here in case you didn’t notice the flurry of activity starting in October suggesting the most wonderful time of year was fast approaching. So, let Your Office Mom give you some advice in the the first paragraph of this article. It’s time to get serious and get those work gifts and professional holiday cards wrapped up!

It seems strange that we procrastinate for so long. I seem to delay every single year. Then, I’m desperately trying to get in the festive mood and spring into action. If you have an army of nutcrackers and poinsettias sprinkled around but have no idea what gifts to get, here are some gift-giving suggestions. These tips can help you select gifts that make your clients feel appreciated and your co-workers happy.

Have a budget

First of all, you need to know your budget. Gift giving and sharing holiday cards with coworkers and clients doesn’t have to be expensive to be appreciated and remembered. Before you jump up and drive to the mall, think things through. Who, what, and how much are the answers you’ll need to ask, and I would start with the last one. How much money can you allocate to holiday shopping? Stop and create a budget or someone will be talking you off a ledge once you get your credit card bill.

Make a list

Next, make sure you include the people who are unique to you for whatever reason. Of course, it's somewhat expected to exchange gifts within the team, look around and think about the kindest, most caring people that you may tend to overlook. It might be the security guy who acknowledges you, smiles, and asks how you are doing every day. It might be an office manager who is cheerful and helpful when you need something or the tech gal that answers all your frantic questions. Maybe it’s you workspace mates. Get that list started and finalized ASAP.

Research your gift options

Finally, it’s time to research gift options. Trying to choose appropriate gifts for work-related professionals and customers can be a daunting task. Without a budget, you may feel overwhelmed as you try to consider your options aimlessly. It may be tempting to throw items in your Amazon cart, get free shipping and be done with it. And, that’s an acceptable option, but if that’s not your style, consider these ideas for under $50. If you can work with that budget go for it. Otherwise, continue reading!

Do it Yourself

As a young professional or entrepreneur, shopping online, or scouring the shelves of stores can be exhausting. It’s quite tricky to find something to express your style. So, what can you do? If you want to make a person ooh and awe over your gift, create a DIY gift basket of goodies they will love. Some of the most creative client gift ideas can be made easily with a little effort.

If Janet in Accounting loves hot chocolate, make some homemade cocoa mix, store it in a cute tin, find a coordinating mug, and place it in a decorative bag or box with shredded paper and mix in mini chocolate bars. Vacation goers or those with recent happy personal events may appreciate a nice 4x6 frame that coordinates well with their workspace. Original and unique are key. Use some creative methods when packaging to personalize and save. Whether it’s chocolates, jams, coffee, candles, whatever try to shop locally. You’ll find more original and creative options that will undoubtedly please people so they don’t feel like a number.

People always love booze during the holidays. Well, the people who drink alcohol of course. Spirits are a great idea, especially when you get advice from knowledgeable liquor store staff. Know your budget and ask for a great tasting whiskey that isn’t known by every 21 year old. You might consider creating a fun, DIY signature cocktail kit with the recipe on a festive card. Never buy your clients cheap alcohol. If your client loves fine whiskey, don't buy on the cheap, find a pair of high ball glasses or another accessory they can use when they bring out their good stuff.

Good luck! Share your ideas!