How to Get Back in the Game After Being Laid Off from Your Job

Image Credit:L indsay Singleton

Image Credit:L indsay Singleton

No matter where you work or what career you’re in, layoffs happen. Regardless of your job type, from manual labor to sitting at a desk, layoffs are inevitable. It may not happen while you’re at your current company, but at some point in your career, a business may have to let go of some employees, and you might fall into that group. Typically, layoffs are a result of cost-cutting, organizational changes, acquisitions, and mergers or after a management company is hired to streamline processes. Despite the fact it's not the employee's fault, it is essential to take some work advice and know how to react and recover from the event if the time comes.

Expect an emotional response

Getting laid off is never easy. Whether it’s you or your coworkers a lot of emotions are involved. There are many ways to deal with losing your job, but some of the most important things to recognize are what not to do after a layoff. Don’t look at the layoff as a personal failure, and don’t talk badly about your former employer. As mentioned before, the layoffs were likely due to things outside of your (and possibly their) control. Layoffs aren’t fun for anyone, and the company probably had to make a hard decision to let you go.

Talk with family and friends

Additionally, don’t hide your layoff from your friends and family. It’s completely normal to feel embarrassed by the situation, and it can be challenging to share your feelings on the matter, but in the end, your loved ones are there for you. They can be a source of objective insight, suggest strategies, and have contacts that may be helpful as you look for another job. All in all, they have your best interests in mind. Whether you’re laid off, fired or hired your close friends and family will be there to support you.

Develop a plan

Now that you know things to avoid doing after a layoff let’s look at what you should do. Fortunately, I came across a helpful infographic by Intuit Turbo which details twelve things you can do (and not do) after you get laid off to help you bounce back. And, if you were fired instead of getting laid off, here are some tips (including some of mine) for dealing with the aftermath.

I hope this information helps you, or someone you know. And, of course if you have some comments or suggestions to add, please share!