dory wilson , founder, your office mom photo: Lacey seymour photography

dory wilson, founder, your office mom photo: Lacey seymour photography

You’re young. You’re smart. You know your core skill set. From that perspective, you’re a badass. But, when it comes to navigating workplace interactions and setting yourself apart from the crowd, you don't always feel that way.

Your Office Mom has been there and done that. She's faced many of the same challenges you have during her 30-year career, and she's mentored, supported, and trained thousands during theirs. Now, Your Office Mom can help you, offering real talk and practical career advice, so you succeed in the workplace.

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Get noticed. Get ahead. Stay ahead.

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Kudos for YOM!

Thanks so much for the advice Office Mom. It’s great to know I have someone like you to ask. My mom doesn’t understand work dynamics. As for my friends, well their advice is too emotional.
— Anna
Thank you Your Office Mom! You helped me walk into a set of interviews prepared, fierce, and ready to compete against anyone! As a result of your coaching I started my new role this week and am on to bigger and better things.
— Heather