dory wilson, founder, your office mom. photo credit: lacey seymour photography

dory wilson, founder, your office mom. photo credit: lacey seymour photography

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Thanks for stopping by! You know, it blows my mind that you're still facing many of the same work challenges I did decades ago. It doesn’t matter if you’re working for “the man” or you’re an entrepreneur. And, I don’t care if you’re sitting at a desk, walking the floor, driving a vehicle, standing near a register, creating something cool, or meeting with clients all day, you need work advice based on experience, not speculation. That’s where I come in.

I’ve worked for nonprofits and large corporations as an individual contributor and an executive, on my own as a sole proprietor and with a side hustle. I’ve worked in an office, and just as long from home, leading global teams. And, during my thirty-year career (in the spirit of partial transparency, it could be longer). I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring, coaching and training thousands of people during theirs. Now, I am here to help you. How?

Read the Blog for original articles about life at work. You’ll find practical advice and instructions to go along with it. Click Advice Column to ask a question, and you’ll receive personalized advice (likely more than you expected).  Read the Articles for insights on how to start, build and sustain your business and brand. Schedule a Coaching session for personalized attention. And, since we’re all in this together, please share YOUR advice when reading the archived Q&A. Oh, and one last thing, don’t forget your goals. You have three:

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